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Two Bare Feet Skateboard

It's FREE to list and renew on FREEADZY.COM

When listing an item you can choose to highlight your listing by selecting an option from the "Promotions".

Promotion options are:

First (published first on the list of ads)Bold (published in bold on the list of ads), Border (published with border on the list of ads),

Background (published with distinguished background on the list of ads), or Special (published in the "Promoted Ads").

Prices for extra promotions start from £0.25 to £1.00 per ad, via  depending on the duration of the ad. 

"Promotions" are optional, and are there to help you to promote. You don't have to select any options from promotions.

If you don't wish to use extra promotions, simply don't select any, and your ad will be completely free to list.

You can move your ad to the top of the category listing for a small fee of £1.00, (via Paypal), at any time, during the duration of your ad.

  • You can list an item under the 'Buy Now' option and have buyers pay by 'Direct Payment' via 'Paypal' by adding your Paypal email address to your account after registration. 'Direct Payments' via Paypal only work if you have added your Paypal email address to your account and use the 'Buy Now' option for your listing. Any postage required will need to be added to the 'Buy Now' price. Please state in your advert that this is the case, so the Buyer is aware that postage for item needs to be covered.
  • As a seller you can choose to have 'Active Bidding' on your item, or simply list your item at a specific price.
  • You can also add 'Price Negotiable' to your listing. Buyers can then make you offers through the site.
  • Tabs/Types available to use for your listing are: For Sale, Buy Now (Direct Payment option via Paypal), Exchange, Free, Urgent, New, Contact Advertiser, and Information.


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